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Default Re: Sports Forum!

I still don't like the idea.

I just think we are here to help people, not entertain them. Right now we have 8 psychiatric forums and 7 general forums, I just think that we should not outdo the number of psychiatric forums with general ones because mental illness is supposed to be what we specialize in. It should be our main goal. But somehow we recieved more members without mental illness then those that do.

I don't understand why it can't be posted in the sports diary. If people would post there then the diary would get attention.

Posted By Anthony: The WPR's description of "This is the place to let off some steam and escape from that world you need to get away from" really doesn't scream sports to new members, and the Chronicle is mainly for news articles which really don't get a lot of response to begin with.

Then maybe something that could help is a description change for the WPR, something to let people know, hey this is a place to hang out, not just vent, even though most members realize that, but it might help new members.

And MoveAlong, sorry I get lost on names. About Kiros, alot of our old members are like that. I'm the same way, I joined this site a couple weeks after it was made, before the puberty forum, before alot of these things were here, and our members were here because they needed support and that's what they got.

But sorry guys, I don't mean to sound mean or anything, just my opinion.

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