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Originally Posted by MoveAlong View Post
ok well this isn't gonna turn into an argument about the Abuse forum, but as VirtualTeen's originally mission (blah blah) we help people that have gone through things that are hard for them (read the front page) (Mental Illnesses and some (currently rising) problems with teen self-harm) Abuse is something that teens can go through (and when they were younger)
I think I remember reading that we wouldn't have Kiros if we didn't have the Psych Ward, that's what he joined for (I think he once said)

You know what, the Psych Ward isn't used that much. But it was what the site was about before, and it actually has helped some people. Why let that go to waste? (rhetorical question, enough about that)

Now we're just focusing on our community, and find things to talk about and have fun with.

I did say, it wasn't a accurate comprasion but still

I mean it wont hurt us if we atleast try it out, I know I would read a new forum and post in it from time to time or frequently..

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