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Originally Posted by ~Tortured Beauty~ View Post
Where do you get off comparing your childish and immature desire to be "cool" with someone who has only one way of coping with the stress in their life?!

You know that this is unhealthy and still seem to be chasing this idea rather than looking to other healthier ways of improving the way you feel about yourself. You came here asking to be persuaded against it, which is what people have tried to do. You haven't asked for advice on improving the core root of the problem, or even expressed a wish to. All I have read from you is "it'll make me cooler" "they'll find me more attractive" and a load of other shallow bullshit.

My advice is work on the underlying issue (your self image) and quit this "smoking is cool" thing you have going on. It won't be easy, but once you have made some headway on it you will feel much better and more comfortable in yourself.

Some people find saying "I am good looking" "I am a good person" or something similar about 5 times a day infront of a mirror helps. It is hard at the beginning, but it gets easier.
Others find exercise (yoga and swimming especially) helps tone your muscles which can improve the way you feel about your appearence.
Little things like these can help with your state of mind and your health at the same time a lot better than smoking ever will. And once you are more comfortable with yourself guys will be drawn to you more.


Yes a person has to feel good about him/her-self if they want others to feel good about them

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