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Default Re: my dad hurts me.

Originally Posted by Voldies View Post
Don't. Don't try to kill him, you'll end up worse, and you'll suffer much more. Don't harm yourself either, it's not your fault... If that letter doesn't work, go directly to a public hospital, As far as i know, if abuse is seen on any person, they *must* call social services, which will take care of it. If you can't do that an idea would be to call 911 on a cell phone when you suspect something is going to happen so the the police can get him 'on the act'.

edit: oh god i sucked, didn't see the post date for some reason :p newbie me :p
For this forum it's okay, I belive.. Cuz alot of ppl who need help will read through old threads..

But yes, if you ever get beaten go to a hospital immideatly and tell them what happend, and have them ''document'' it, I think most hospitals could do it.. And if they can't you can go to the cops.. But basicly do it as soon as you get beaten, cuz the marks and injuries are much more visible and so on..

If you just say 2 weeks later your parent/sibling w/e beat you, and you have no bruises or anything wrong with your body.. You wont get far

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