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Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
HEY, why is it that people harm themselves in this forum and i think of harming myself and i get told to grow up? what people think of me matters. i'm only human. if it makes a difference, im not intending on doing it so i can smoke with the smokers, i'm hoping that smoking secretly will change my personality somehow because i hate who i am. i posted this because i have a problem and i'm considering an unhealthy way of dealing with it. i dont know how to deal with my problems.

yeah, because no one starts smoking after age 13.

Yes usually they don't...

Let me explain what we both tried to say.. It is self harm because you want to smoke just to ''look cool'', it is self harm to your health.. Most people I mean like 99.99% of people get serious issues with their smoking in time, and everyone gets some deductance from the physical abilities

Just because you want to be cool, and a jackass who runs after every idiot phase, doesn't mean you have to smoke, you can be cool without smoking.

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