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Originally Posted by redcar
ayh you have it all worng in your countries come live in ireland and unviversity is free and you get a grant as well
Lol In Scotland we dont have to pay tuition fees either. Theres an organisation set up called the Students Awards Agency for Scotland. They will pay your tuition fees but after you graduate you have to pay them back a certain amount (i think its around £2000). But they only let you pay them back if you're earning over £10 000 a year ( i think they're moving that up to if you're earning at least £15 000 a year). Even then, you can pay it back really slowly, just bit by bit each month.
If you dont graduate, then you dont have to pay. We've also got grants/bursaries and interest free student loans. ....not that im trying to rub it in j/k hehe! You should just come to Scotland (or ireland - either way, we've both got brilliant accents ).

Anyway, back on topic, i dont think Tony Blair should be given another chance cos he's had too many. However i have a feeling that he's gonna get another one. . I dont know who i would vote for though....(except myself, when i run for 1st female prime minister of the 21st century hahaha!).

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