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Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
where i'm from not a lot of people smoke. then i moved to where i am now and theres smokers everywhere. my school even has a smoker's corner. all my life i've known that smoking is very bad for you and it makes you look ugly over time and most smokers die early for it. but now, i can't believe i'm saying this, smoking looks really cool. when i see a smoker, i see someone whos dangerous, who lives life for the moment and to the fullest, a badass. and ive always loved the smell of cigarettes. im starting to think i dont care to live a long life, but i want to live a great life. my friend said all the guys stay away from me because i'm too much of a good girl. though smoking has its health risks, i think it would make me feel better about my self image. i took a drag from a cigarette once and i didnt feel like i absolutely needed to take another so maybe if i start, im not going to get super addicted. my friends say smoking helped calm them and got them through tough times. i turn 17 next week so i'm only going to have to get my friends to get cigarettes for me and hide my smoking for a year. so please convince me not to smoke.

You sure you are 16? Cuz you sure do think like a 11-13 year old..

Don't smoke as easy as that

And if you do, congratulations you are a (Insert word which begins with a i and ends with a t here) Just because some kid smokes doesn't mean his some ''badass'' and has some ''awesome teen lifezorz!'' Just means he/she is some idiot who follows others ;P

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