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Default Another gay story!

[For a long time I've been trying to write a story whose subject is something I really really want to write about. I've danced around the issue for a while and now I've finally started this story: about the hardship of being gay as a teenager. Let's hope I will not suddenly quit this one too.]

As his dreams became too much for him to bear, Cory woke up in a sweat. The clock read only 3:20 a.m. but there was no way he was going back to sleep any time soon. Not after tonight’s new batch of dreams.

One week before that night, Cory had a dream that he made out with his friend James. As freaked out as it made Cory, he didn’t see any point in getting too worried. A dream was just a dream. James wouldn’t even have to know about that dream. Besides, other than the weird event of them making out, there were also talking furniture.

Two nights later he had a dream that he was in a room full of completely naked guys around his age. He woke up that morning covered in sweat.

Now there was his latest one. In his dream, he was in the shower and the lead singer of his favorite band stepped in with him. They had sex. Now Cory believed there was something wrong with him.

He swung his feet out of bed and sat up. His t-shirt had felt totally sticky because of the sweat. His hair was moist, and his pillow felt a little wet too. His sheets were warm, uncharacteristic for February. He noticed he smelled, too. Grimacing, he took off his t-shirt, his pajama pants, and boxers. Cory felt like showering but it would wake up his mom. Instead he just sprayed on some Axe.

Cory decided to get on his computer so he could do something to get back to sleep. Turning the sound off, he got onto the Internet and started surfing the usual websites- MySpace, YouTube, the works. Boredom set in but not sleepiness.

He didn’t even want to sleep. He might have had another dream, one of those dreams of being gay. He wasn’t gay so why was his mind intruded with the thought of it while he slept?

Or maybe… just maybe, he was gay. Which would be impossible: he remembered his first kiss. With a girl. Not another guy. That would just be a horrible first kiss.

But… I’ve never dated anyone. How do I know what I like? Cory thought. At the least, maybe I’m bisexual.

No, there was no proof of that. He’d only kissed girls so there was no proof he’d like it with a guy. And there was no way he wanted to try it out.

Did the fact that he liked it in his dream make a difference? Cory hoped not.

Not knowing anything better to do, he went to Google. Once he was on the homepage, Cory sat and stared at the screen for several minutes. His eyelids grew heavier every minute, and he nearly slid into sleep sitting in front of the computer screen. He jolted awake and yawned. It was now 3:53. He needed sleep for his math test tomorrow.

He was still afraid of the dreams, which made him think of doing… things with other guys. The thought made him anxious. Besides, if it were true, Cory couldn’t take all of his friends turning on him. He didn’t want to be like Sandy Brodwin, the newly-out-of-the-closet guy in Cory’s English class. Since Sandy (or “Sandra” as Cory’s friends began to call him) came out of the closet in December, he lost a lot of his friends and became one of the lowest on the junior class social food chain.

Besides, Cory didn’t even really know for sure if he was or wasn’t yet. No need to come out for no reason and face utter and total torture for it.

Cory nodded off and snapped awake as soon as his head hung. He glanced at the clock again: 4:00. Grunting slightly, Cory shut down the computer and cracked open a window in case he got over-heated at night again.

Luckily for Cory, he slept dreamless for the rest of the night.

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