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Originally Posted by cosmos
oh shut the fuck up you dumnass she never said she was 11 you prick.

oh and by the way ms curious, if you are 11, i highly advise you to keep your mouth shut about it
Cosmos you need help with your anger, seriously one tiny sentance and you swear 3 times over just something like this. When you swear ALLOT like that all the time it can seriously effect how people look and think of you which makes it hard to make friends online or off, its really hard to cut down on once your used to doig it all the time and it can seriously hurt you later in life not only with friends but with connections, jobs, etc...(OMG I'm turning into my mother ) I'm not trying to piss you off, to hurt you or to start a fight just givin sum advice what u do with it is up to you ........Oh and don't encourage members to lie about there age if there under 13, its the law they can't be here, VT could be shut down, dismantled, deleted blah blah blah.

Tecnically speaking mscurious never said anything about being 11 mscurious said she (i'm guessing your a girl) knows someone whos 11.

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