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None of the drug dealers I know are bad people. Its true that a lot of bad people also sell drugs, but those are the ones that will rob you or sell you fake drugs anyway.

I find the best most honest dealers to buy from are often people who are prescribed oxycontin, but dont take it themselves. I know a nice older lady that struggles to make ends meet so she sells her prescription to me. She isnt a bad person, she doesnt stand out on the street pushing drugs on anyone who walks by. She sells only to people that already have a habit. That is how my other main dealer does business too. He doesnt deal with any new people. Only people that he knows does them already.

The worst people I've met are not the drug dealers, but the people that pretend to be drug dealers just so they can rob you. They will act super friendly and nice and say whatever they have to to gain your trust, then they screw you over and take your money and give you some random pills wrapped in a kleenex that will likely do more harm to you then what you are trying to buy.

Another guy that I know used to sell me weed for years, then ecstasy and ketamine when i asked for them. He never tried to get me to do anything new, even though he had just about everything. I heard from others that he was selling crack....but he never tried to sell it to me, cause I never asked for it. He only started selling me oxys and heroin after I told him I was/he saw me using them.
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