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ok i have been taking to my best friend thats a girl and we were @ her house. on the ground there were several pairs of thongs. and she had pics of me alover the place. then later she bent over and u could see her thong. she said to goin the closet and dont look because she was changing her clothes. she tod me to come out and a she was whereing was her bra and thong. her parents were gone till 5:00 pm and it was 1:05 pm when she did this. she came cose to me and grabed my bals and she puled down my pants. i had a boner and i was hard!!!!! she was reay hot and she saw my boner and she got horny and she took of the rest of my and her close off.she had condoms so we were safe.i am between 17 - 19. this was hard core sex and dame it was good soo 4 the ast pat weekk we have been doing this. we love it ssssoooo much and i finger her and she jacks me off.mmmmm, any way i have a feeing that her parents wi come in and see us so how woud i tel her how we should do it @ my place. but she never wants too so how do i tel her???????????
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