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Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
i'm not sure what to say to that. i'm sorry you dont like me anymore because im considering smoking to make myself feel cooler? i've said stuff here thats so personal i dont care about maintaining an image here. ive been thinking about smoking for a while so i came here for help without judgement because i know its probably not a good idea to start. i didnt expect people to not like me because ive considered an unhealthy way to help my insecurities.
I never said I didn't like you anymore - it's just that it says something about your personality, and I view it as bad. I mean, you can still give good advice.

Plus, it does not make you cooler! Who made you think that?

i guess i'd let my smoker friends know because id need them to get me cigarettes. i wouldnt even want to smoke at school. i'd smoke outside on rare occasions when i go for walks at night.
Smoking is physically addictive - your body would want it. My mom's a former smoker, and she says it was the hardest thing she's ever done (quitting). She's told me that it's incredibly hard to smoke 'when you feel like it' 'cause it's physically addictive.

+ She oughta know something, she did study medicine.
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