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Red face Re: Mental illness combo?

I meant that anyone with mental illness should always take the prescribed meds that their doctor reccomends-I just thought that B complex may help!
Also, it is a very not good idea to quit taking meds just because someone tells you have to-I was attending this church that turned out to be a cult!
They acted superior than me because of my OCD/bipolar II diagnosis. They acted like I was "demonized" This is crazy and extremely inaccurate. Internet sites show different brains with different mental illnesses. I wish people weren't so ignorant and acting superior about this!
Always go with what your doctor tells you to do-not some ignorant snot who feels superior to you!
Oops, another mood swing again! I just started taking Lamictil and the brochure says that this drug would take several weeks to kick in! Everone is different! For years, I had no idea I was also bipolar!
I am receiving psychotherapy which is paid for by my insurance, which helps with self-esteem issues! Technically, I got tired of the "highs" because I would confess to perfect strangers which was a very unwise idea!

Bye for now, I am going to check out some sweepstakes!

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