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Default Best band you've never heard of

I recently have come across probably the most important and best band that has never been brought to attention of most listeners. Heck I considered myself a music encyclopedia, but i kneww little more than thier name. I speak of the dractically unrenound MISSION OF BURMA.

Mission of burma is unique, they came about during the 80's indie underground (post punk) movement and were never recognized for their contributions to music. With a guitarist, drummer, bassist, and a person behind the sound board taking and manipulating all sounds and throwing them back at the crowd.

Personally they are now one of my favorite groups. I suggest listening to their album Signals, calls, and marches. Academy fight song and when I reach for my revolver are especially good. Recently they heve reuinited and put out a new album. With thier return and the return of one of my other favorite bands the Pixies (also from 80's post punk but later) I'm happy to see these legends again in action.

Somw might may say they're selling out or has-beens but I saw the pixies on thier 2004 tour and was thoroughly impressed.

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