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You can't control addictions that easily! You may or may not get super addicted.

And remember your thread about kissing? I've read around the internet a lot, and I can tell you that every time I read any article, the person who is kissing the smoker doesn't enjoy it. That's one way to be a bad kisser - smoking makes your breath stink
Worse than fish >.<

+ it might make you look better to yourself, but not to a whole lotta others. Plus, it contains nail polish! Who wants to stick nail polish in their mouth! :-x

Don't do it. I thought of you in a good way when you posted some nice advice. Altho this'll make me look at you a diff way, and that'll happen to other people too. Your habits effect how people look at you; i.e. your how obsessive you are, if you wash your hands etc.
Don't smoke and start a nasty habit...I know I never will

Request move to Drugs and Meds or TWPR, this isn't exactly Cutting and Self Harm (even tho it would harm you a bit)

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