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Originally Posted by DestroyTheFuture View Post

bottom line, girls care about dick size, guys care about boob size. reason why, is because if you had a 1" penis, a girl isnt going to be sexually attracted to you. if a girl didnt even have any boobs what-so-ever, a guy wouldnt want sex from her either. personality does NOT matter when it comes to this. i do agree though that if you have a smaller penis, like 4 inches or so, that it does matter how you use it. but you need to understand that size does matter because your not going to want to have sex from someone who cant please you, and a 1" dik cant please you.
no no no, now here's some clarifying for you:

i guess im different though, but whatever. im a guy and i dont really care about the girls boob sizes. im tryin to hook up with this girl and it seems she doesnt have big ones so ya i dont really care cause i dont look for that. im not shallow. im not picky. so i know you didnt say all guys look for the girls boob sizes, but the guys (like me) who dont care what the girls boob sizes are might get offended bythings you say; like you're thinking we dont care or something, but yea we do care.

Also, personality should ALWAYS matter, no matter what in a relationship. i wouldnt want a snotty pissed off girl who looks pretty. no i really wouldnt. so dont say personality does not matter when it comes to this. personality is important in any kind of way.

Originally Posted by Leper Messiah View Post
Exactly, I hear you need a 3" to penetrate. Which im sure most teenagers have exceeded (maybe not the asians >.< Lol im jk )
So yea, what do you girls concider small? Inch wise

ay im asian i take offense to that (even though mine aint that small though), but you're stereotyping even though you said "jk"
its still offensive
god dude

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