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Default here we go again....

some of you may remember last year around march when i posted a story about a girl i met up at breckenridge and crap. Neways went down to florida with some friends. Ironically those friends knew this girl and her family. Anyways I saw her again..the first timein a year. (the wierd thing is the last tiem i saw her was 6/6/07...exactly a year from 666) We went to universal studios, a water park etc. hung out and stuff.

The thing is last year i only liked her.
This time i actually think it's more than liking. I think it may be (dare i say) love. On the plane ride home yesterday for some bizarre reason i woke up thinking "i'll do anything for her," and by anything i seriously mean anything.

Now that i'm home im a little depressed. But it hurts so much when i look at the vacation photos i loaded onto the computer. I know i'll see her again. Next ski season or next summer or both. But it's going to be hard to wait....and...uggg love sux. (never fall in love lol)

Honestly if i could tell you how i feel this would be the closest.
I feel so shocked not even the power of 1000 lightning bolts could match up to it. I get that wierd feeling in my gut everytime i think about her. Ne advice to help me feel better? I'm gonna try and get them out here but i can't feel like this until next ski season or next summer. please....a little help.

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