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Default Re: Mental illness combo?

Originally Posted by ~Tortured Beauty~ View Post
I tried Vitamin B at one point before I was diagnosed but it didn't help me. Infact I think I got worse (worst mania I have experienced) because I wasn't suffering from a Vitamin B deficency. It does seem to help some people though so it is worth a shot.
One of my friends is finding fish oil very helpful with his depression.

How do the drugs make you feel (the zoloft and buspar)?
Can't exchange any notes on drugs as I have refused them as a form of treatment - I have issues with applying the chemical imbalance explanation to myself as there are specific reasons for most of my depressive episodes.

Ohh! Gonna smack you :pow:

Now... I took Zoloft almost half a decade ago I stopped, back then it helped me.. Buspar the name is so familiar but I don't remember if I took it or not..

And you should try the drugs, true depression is a circle, can't just break out of it with good will anymore.. ;P

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