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it is possible to switch clients instead of having to start over again.
go to your "torrents" folder and take out (torrent file, for example my "Ar Tonelico" that is the torrent task file not the XML ) to Desktop, then go into "Downloads" to drag out the file that you were downloading. then if you want you can delete your current client and get the one you want and then after you installed it and stuff, you can either
1. find a test torrent that you'll remove once its begun its download so it'll create the necessary folders for you automatically
2. inside its own folder (Bitlord is what i'm using.) create a Downloads and Torrent folder (this may have a chance of not working depending on the clients you use.)
then at its "downloads" folder drag the file that it was downloading into it and then drag the "torrent task" to the torrent folder.
then double-click the torrent task file and it'll tell you it wants to download what you asked for. it should resume from where it stopped.

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