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Unhappy Re: Mental illness combo?

Tortured Beauty,

I just returned from the doctor today and he did diagnose me as bipolar. Whether II or III doesn't really matter to him! When I get high, I like to challenge bosses and tell them "Go right ahead" when they threaten to fire me. I got fired very easily. Thank goodness I am receiving Social Security Disability!.
Anyway, I am starting Lamictil 25 mg. tomorrow (gradually increasing the dose) Has anyone ever tried this drug for bipolar and had any awful side effects?

Send me a line!

By the way, I am up to Zoloft(200 mg.-depression, anxiety, OCD,) Buspar(antianxiety) and Lamictil (25mg up to 100 after a month).

Has anyone also tried Vitamin B and fish oil? It is really supposed to help support seretonin and communication between nerve pathways!

Grumpy, etc.
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