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Originally Posted by PubertyQuestions View Post
So i am 15 and me and my friend sometimes jerk off together. The thing is we have never seen each others penis. My friend said it wouldn't be awkward if we saw each others, but im afraid mine is smaller than his. But one time we were jerking off on a couch and we had a divider up between us and i saw the reflection and it looked huge what do i do.
Dude i was the same when i 1st started jackin wit my best mate. Started jackin naked the on couch wit a pillow divider watchin porn, jerkin off together. We even used to wear our boxers n only takem off when the pillow was in place, then one arvo we were jackin and both slowed down looked at each other and were both like "WTF we go this stupid pillow divider here for?" We're both naked, on a couch, watchin porn, jackin off together. After that arvo session we ditched the pillow 4eva. And yes back then my mate was alot bigger than me, but now i'm 16 i've caught up in size, and still growin cos we still measure ourselves. It was the best thing for us gettin rid of the divider, now our 2 other best friends from school join in and the 4 of us dun feel awkard bout it at all. We all mates so we kewl wit it. And over the years the 4 of us have or have had GF's also. Its just 4 mates havin fun. If your enjoyin doin it and havin fun dun worry bout who's bigger, all that matters is u both enjoy it.
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