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Default Re: Am I small for my age?

Originally Posted by Ezz View Post
everyone start puberty at different age, the penis starts to grow at different age too
you cannot say the person's penis which is in puberty is small or big until you are fully developed

please read the original statement.

he wasnt asking if his dick was big for his stage.

he asked if his dick was below the average of an average 15 year old's penis.

the answer is yes. i am 4.5" and i am smaller than the average 15 year old. in my mind 5"+ is the average size.

and yes you can say that the persons dick is big or small before they are fully developed. his penis is small. there you go, i said it. a guy who has a 7" penis is big...oops, looks like i said it again. you also need to reword your sentences to fit the correct criteria of a sensible question

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