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Default Re: Is gingerism as bad as racism?

Originally Posted by ~Tortured Beauty~ View Post
South park?!? Bloody hell, why has it stuck then? It's not even worth watching.

god dammit...a hater

south park is the fucking best television show to ever hit existence. im assuming that you havent seen 90% of the episodes, like you should have, and that's why you think its bad. of you stopped watching it 5 years ago and havent seen the better half. ill let you off this time and ill allow you to go and watch about 100 episodes, then you can debate over it.

secondly, the term "ginger" was popularized by South Park, but not made by them. see, ginger is a red spice ingredient, and so people with red hair are called gingers. most red heads have freckles because of the skin pigmentation, and some do not, which South Park jokes as calling the non-freckled red heads, "Day Walkers" because they can walk outside in the day because their skin pigmentation isn't as odd as Gingers. watch the episode to learn more...its in the 9th or 10 season i believe...


Racism, is disliking a person, or people, because of their race.

a race, is a group of people with common characteristics (appearance, ideologies, etc.)

so, yes, hating Gingers because of their appearance or ideologies (,etc.) is racism.


racism is good. in my mind, you are a terrible person if you arent racist. i myself am racist, and proud to be it.

i am racist towards NAMBLA (the North American Man-Boy Love Association), and the KKK (Ku Klux Klan).

but besides that super awesome philosophy, it is racism to hate a ginger because he/she is a ginger.

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