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Originally Posted by ~Tortured Beauty~ View Post
I disagree, if they legalised it then they could set up government controlled channels for the supply of pure weed and therefore still get a cut of some profits. But, there are health risks involved that justify the prohibition of marijuana. It's your perogative to deny the presence of these risks or whatever.

It is my opinion, however, that you are just trying to justify your drug abuse to yourself by saying "its just a conspiracy" and "alcohol is far worse". Its as if you are saying "alcohol has destroyed more lives that I am aware of so marijuana is fine and has no down side to it". It is not a good attitude to have and that attitude can be extended to and displayed in other areas such as bullying - "I don't bully him as much as everyone else so its ok"
if it was legalized everyone would grow it in their own homes, so there would be no need for government weed, because we could still easily get amazing strains, like we still can now. oh of course there are health risks involved with weed, i admit its bad for your lungs. I just think that responsible adults should be granted the right to smoke marijuana if they so choose as long as they are on their own property.
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