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Default Re: Am I a Loser in Dating?

Originally Posted by ~Tortured Beauty~ View Post
It should be that the one you get on better with as a friend is the one you are friends with. While the one you get on better with regarding potential in the boyfriend/girlfriend relationship department is the one you go out with. Not that you get on well with both and go for the better looking one purely because they are better looking.

Yes I am telling you that. I find that attraction comes, and is strongest, after I have got to know someone well.

I am not denying that people dont care about appearence. Just you are saying that girls should choose boyfriends/husbands according to appearence which is wrong and shallow. I am sorry, but you are coming across as extremely shallow.

Well, when you are saying that people should go by personality but that that isn't how the world works and saying that you would choose a better looking guy over a not so good looking guy it hardly sounds as if it is something you put in to practise.
you say dont look at people you dont know. thats very strange. i like to pay attention to what goes on around me. i like to look around at the different people in a classroom. i make eye contact with people.

i NEVER said girls should chose a guy based on their looks. i'm saying that guys who care about how they look get more girlfriends than guys who dont care.

its human nature. people can't help who they like. i sometimes will start thinking a guy is attractive if his personality makes him look attractive. but if someone doesnt properly maintain their body, it looks like they dont care about themselves.
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