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Default Stuck in the middle

Well, for ages i've loved this girl, but i've been going out with someoene else (some of you might have read the 'i want to kiss her' thread i did a while ago - that was about the girl i'm going out with now) and i want to finish with her and go out with this other girl:

1. I don't know how she'll take this

2. This other girl will probably turn me down anyway

3. I hate to be the one to end relationships

4. I don't know how to appraoch this other girl to ask her out or tell her i love her.

5. It is about 7 weeks until we all move to high school and i will probably see very little of each of them.

6. I live out of town and would find it very difficult to meet up with this girl if we were to start a proper relationship.

7. I need advice from people who do not know me so they won't tell anyone.

8. My current relationship has gone nowhere (as in no kissing etc., just hugging ) and i am quickly losing attraction to my current girlfriend.

Thanks people and i hope you can help me .
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