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Default Re: People who are different for the sake of being different

sure i've met him. ive never seen him but i've been talking to him for the past couple days.
grow up in my perception of people? this is what i percieve: i like to dress the way i do. every person seems to have clothing styles that they prefer over others. the goth/emo/punk etc crowds mostly dress in mostly black and incorperate metal into their clothes and wear unnatural colored makeup and make their hair look the least natural. other crowds have odd things too. i suppose you could say the gangsta crowd incorperates a lot of metal in their look too with their bling bling, but they seem to be the only crowd that typically dresses in one color from head to foot (aside from the track suits) and makes their hair and face look least natural, thus i consider them the most bizarre. i think my curiosity is justified.

Originally Posted by Octo22 View Post
If I see a punk, I see a belief system.
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My mohawk again is FOR ME. It represents my views and ideology's shared with the punk crowd.
i think these quotes imply that he dresses in a way that represents crowd that shares his beliefs. i dont think people should dress in a way that would make people look at him and say, "that guy think the way the rest of his crowd thinks"
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