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Default Best Song Ever!

"Tools" - Anybody Killa

I wanna know where the fuck are my down ass underground killas
Straight cap peelas
Walking the earth, been mean since birth
Taking every damn thing in sight that's worth
Somebody stabbing you in the back, for a pebble of crack
Eastside bitches like that
Sometimes I feel that I can't eat, can't sleep
Put me in a hole baby 6 feet deep
Better yet, just leave me alone
I've survived this long with a microphone
Roaming the streets, mean mugging police
Left hand on my nuts right gripping a piece
So now I feel that I owe it to ya'll
You're the reason that I'm here instead of dead and gone
And don't think that I'm here to stress you out
I just wanna let you know what I'm about
(Chorus x2) (Blaze Ya Dead Homie)
Tomahawks, shotguns, axes, chains
These are all the things that a G brings
To your party, birthday, wedding, funeral
Streets is crucial, competition zero
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