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Originally Posted by SubliminalTim View Post
How is reading anti-social? So what if you do it by yourself, the same thing could be said about a lot of things.
thats why i said AT A TIME OF SOCIALIZING, such as lunch or a social gathering. like dont bring a book to a party.

well i couldnt say anything about his personality because i dont really know him. personality is just as important, but i think looks are what catch people's attention and can make the difference between friend or boyfriend. i stress bad hygiene because i know too many guys with bad hygiene and it happened to be most on my mind at that momont. and i think thats the worse thing not relating to personality because, like i said, i dont know his personality and the only advice i could give him on that is to be outgoing. and i got mad that crying eye tells me girls should look at personality and not looks because I KNOW THAT! but its just not so. and the guys i hang around with are so shallow it hurts. but its human nature.

and i'm all for reading! if you can socialize and read at the same time, like with the newspaper example, then go for it! but if someone's reading, or doing any other activity that they do by themselves, it would be rude to talk to them and make them lose concentration. so i'm just suggesting that you be social.
also, flirting is good. dont use cheesy pickup lines. be polite. but above all, be yourself.


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