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Default Re: They Say I'm Crazy...

Thanks for the help. It just gets really painful to feel so different. I feel alone a lot of the time. That's why I've been looking for teen forums where I can try to find some people to talk to so no more wierd ideas come back in my head.

I know what the real me is and I like it, it's just that other people don't like it.
I was criticised for being supposedly gay in elementary school and I know feel I can't really open up to people because they're gonna pick something out and use it to tarnish me.
And I see nicer people out there, I just feel its better to stay.. far away just in case my assumptions of them are wrong and they do try to judge me.
I have a mentor, but I still don't feel comfortable talking openly to her.

~Caring until I couldn't care any more

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