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Originally Posted by extra View Post
hi im just wondering is it normal that im not growing much anymore, im turning 17 next month and im still only around 5 foot 6, a bit less i think , im very small compared to everyone else at coll even girls, im also not realy built either. i have a small bone structure, im not very broad at all . only in the last couple of months have i grown underarm hair , my penis is also small under 4 inches .
am i just very late or should i see the doctor its very confusing and embrassing at college ppl 3 years younger then me are way ahead. the only signs of puberty are that i have alot of hair aound my crotch but i got them ages ago , i have nearly no spots at all or acne.

Don't worry about the puberty, you seem late but your going through so it's all fine

As for the growth, my father is really broad shoulderd but he started getting broad at 18

And the best example I can think of is my uncle, he was 16 and 5'4 little tiny guy.. Now he's 6'2 and a little over averege in size..

In otherwords don't worry yet you will still problably grow a bit atleast

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