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Exclamation I'm confused about my sexuality! I really need some advice!

Okay, i'm a girl and i am COMLETELY turned off by guys. I don't crush on guys...well i did when i was little. the last time i liked a guy was when i was about 12 or i'm 16. i have had crushes on girls since i was 13. and it gets more serious every year. i'm very certain that i'm completely gay and i came out to my parents but get this...they didn't believe me! my mom told me i was "confused" and also said "it's just a phase" and how "i'll grow out of it." it made me enraged that she wasn't taking me seriously! i think she was just in denial and she just wouldn't know what to do with a lesbian daughter. i don't know. but do you think i am gay? based on this info, i mean. i'm really falling for this girl at the moment and it's scary b/c she's just like me! we have the exact same personality it seems like and she's drop dead gorgeous i think i sometimes stare at her in awe. anyway, i realized that we have a class together next year (school newspaper) and will be working together this summer. it's a very small world. i'm just scared that if we become friends she'll notice that i act strangely and she'll dump me as a friend. ugh. anyway write back please! i appreciate it.
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