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Default Re: am i a loser in dating

ok, first off, htfgeek, no you are not a loser in dating, you're just having some, minor problems i guess


Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
how about we look at some reasons why someone would find it hard to get a girlfriend:
-bad hygiene
*not showering everyday
*teeth not brushed as directed by a dentist
*sweaty armpits
*oily hair
*lots of acne
-blatant lack of concern for looks
*no effort put into your choice of clothes or haircut
-antisocial behavior
*reading a book, playing nintendo ds, talking to yourself, or any activity that keeps people from talking to you at a time for socializing, such as lunch or social gathering.
*being shy
most of those are going by the looks of a guy... girls should be lookin for guys with a good personality, even though the guy should look clean by showering.
but still, personality first, looks are second
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