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Default Re: People who are different for the sake of being different

yes, you do conform. you dress like the goth/punk/ravers. are you saying that youve never seen another goth/punk/raver before? are you saying that there is nobody else on earth that dresses like you? and you find pajama's uncomfortable? perhaps this is going off topic but what do you wear to sleep? okay, i'll accept that you like your mohawk. and nobody is immune to being judged. i'm just saying that i think that less people would judge me than they do you. i wear the same brands that most of the people at my school wear and i wear a lot of different kinds because i like to dress in several different styles so if anyone is judging me by my brands or by which crowd i dress like, it would be very few. i dont get why people would dress to represent a crowd if they dont want to be judged by the stereotypes of that crowd. i dont believe you dont judge people. its human nature to judge people off stereotypes. if you were stuck in a room with a gangsta and a punk, who would you talk to first?
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