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Default Re: Zombie fiction. I was bored and started writing this.

Trish launched in between the fight and pulled Owen off. Blood sprayed from Porter’s neck, who was whimpering and lying on the floor, trying to stop the bleeding. Barely thinking, Trish took her nightstick from her belt and whacked Owen in the head. He fell over, groaning hoarsely. She brought the club down once again right on the back of his head. He was out, possibly dead. If complications arose, she can plead self-defense.

She went to Porter, but he was already dead, his eyes rolled back into his head and lying in a pool of blood. What was going on here?!

The sergeant knocked on the door of the classroom the intruder was trying to enter. She knocked six times, very rapidly. “This is the police. Is everything okay in there?”

Inside Mr. Brooks’ room, everyone looked at Mr. Brooks, expecting him to answer or to signal them to stay quiet. But the female cop yelled out again. “Porter?”

A low growl came from outside and someone was pressed against the door. The female cop grunted and struggled. Muffled growling was heard, and then everything was calm. Shakily, Trish spoke into her walkie-talkie. “Everthing is clear, I think.” She looked down at all three lunatics. Owen lay still and could have been dead. Porter was definitely dead; Trish beat him down until she was sure of it. She sighed. She knew she was gonna mess up big time some day.

Ten minutes later, after a team of police carried the intruder out of the building, the principle ended the lockdown. An announcement came over the loudspeaker. “The lockdown is over. The intruder has been placed under arrest.” Everyone in Mr. Brooks’ room sighed in relief. The algebra teacher stood cautiously and stepped carefully through the group of students. Kody sat in an upward fetal position, with his legs tucked tight against him and his head resting on his knees. As the lights finally came on, he blinked, rubbing his eyes. “That was some crazy shit,” he noted. He was glad Mr. Brooks was tolerant of mild profanity.

Trish McNeal poked her head into the classroom. Even without make-up (she never wore it) her skin was a perfect apricot-crayon color, her eyes naturally dark, blemish free thanks to a daily face cleanser she was just trying to get rid of. Her red hair was placed in a ponytail. “Hello, Sergeant Tricia McNeal. Is everyone okay in here? I understand you’ve been through a rather dramatic experience.” She came all the way in, blocking the class’s view from the blood on the floor. Everyone looked at the blood on her shirt. Alexa sat down abruptly, burying her face in her hands. Suddenly she saw everyone jump.
A man in construction clothes stood behind the door. Part of his face was torn off. He put a bloody hand on the door window. Trish spun around and shouted in surprise. “What fresh hell is this?” Trish spat. “Open the windows!” she ordered.

Kody, Mr. Brooks and Blake were closest to the windows, so they each opened their own set of blinds and a window. “There’s a screen!” Blake cried.
Trish was locking the door, staring into the worker’s bloody face. “Get them out somehow!” People scrambled behind Mr. Brooks, Blake and Kody trying to help them get out the screen. Blake had had enough of their backseat driving, so he kicked it out. He thanked five years of karate training.
Mr. Brooks and Kody followed suit. They scrambled out of the windows, helping everyone else through. Trish stayed, letting everyone else through first. It was her duty as a police officer even though she might get her ass fired after this was all over.

Once they were all out, the kids simply huddled in small groups, panicked. Trish clumsily climbed outside and whipped out her radio. “What’s going on? There’s another guy in there!”

“There’s more than one. There’s about ten!” the reply came. Trish stopped.

“What? There’s now ten more intruders?”
“Yes, you heard me correctly. They attacked an officer stationed at one of the school’s entrances and broke the door and came inside.”

“What are we doing about this?”

“We have school buses coming now to take kids to a safe place. There’s some kind of riot going on, there must be.”

Three yellow buses pulled into the lot and up to the math class. The students excitedly ran into the bus, fighting over seats. Kody ended up with Blake. Kody sulked, looking out the window at the school. Another group of students came out of the school and ran towards the bus. Now that it was full, the bus driver drove away from the high school, passing a SWAT team waiting outside the school’s gym entrance.

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