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Default Annyoingest kid ever

HI well this subject is not nearly as bad as the others but it still depresses me

Well im in year 8 at highscool. And one of my old friends from primary or elementry school (for u Americans) has came to our school and hes been annoying ever since he came.

Me and my friends don't like him anymore. He follows me like a lost dog and whenever my friends and I get the chance we run away from him..including me but he is in my class for most subjects and he keeps talking to me, when I don't want to, and he sits next to me aswell.( my best friends arn't in my class but i still have friends)

none of my other friends want to hang around me anymore cause hes around me. They like me but not him. He has other friends but he dosnt hang around them for some reason.

I don't know how to get rid of him. I cant stand it
my friend says 1 of us should go up and say to him that we don't want him in our group anymore
mum says i should lose contact gradually but i can't bear a day!!
its been 2 terms ( 30 weeks) of school and he has made new friends but dosnt hang with them

WHAT DO I DO???!?!?!?!?!

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