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Default Re: People who are different for the sake of being different

-who do you think is the most bizarre?
the stereo-goths, aka emo hybrids. basically, i realize that actual gothic culture is fairly interesting, but the stereotyped goths, who wear chainfilled black jeans, and spikes on their Slipknot hats and gay ass shit like that, are the people that i dont like. these are also referred to as emo hybrids, being emo and goth, because they love screamo and stanic death metal where you can understand the singer's, or "screamers" lyrics until you look them up.
-give one main reason as to why
lol i kind of just did^^^
-what group would you classify yourself?
(prep, goth, emo, gangsta, skater, other(if other, name))
original skater. what this basically is, is like, not emo skater, not gansta skater, not poser skater, but like, i wear clothes that are like the skaters and surfers did like 2 or 3 years ago, where emo and gangsta skater didnt really happen. i wear mostly Quiksliver with some local brand surf stores and stuff like that. i listen to all typesof rock, but not metal or screamo or anything like that. also, i listen to a lot of local hip hop and rap because that's just great poetic songwriting. you dont see those guys on TRL making a guest appearance to release information on the new movie that they are doing with beyonce, because they arent known enough throughout the land, only in the local underground scene, and their music is truly unique. see, last year and the previous years, i wore only abercrombie and stuff, because thats what the good looking girls liked, because i looked good in that. but now, the good looking girls are becoming a tiny bit more punk and emo i guess with music style and dress style, so being a skater appeals more to them. plus, i actually do skate so it fits my style and i like to have people know that i represent just by looking at me.
-why do you choose to be a part of this culture?
because i am most interested in this, and it expresses my individuality to the highest extent
-what are some positive things that you have received from being a part of this culture?
learning about myself, the fun of acting like a jackass to kids i dont know, and will never see again, looking better lol, and just being comfortable with myself because im not being fake to impress any girls, im being me, and girls will find a way to be impressed
-what are some negative things that you have received from being a part of this culture?
i get stereotyped by older people because my hair is long (like the average skater...not like a ponytail or anything). also, it sucks when people see that you have a board in your hand and they automatically think your a druggie, which i am proud to have never been one.

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