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Default Re: People who are different for the sake of being different


heres something to start us off:

-who do you think is the most bizarre?
the whole "gangster" group
-give one main reason as to why
i just dont personally think anything they do has the slightest bit of intellect behind it...but thats just my opinion

-what group would you classify yourself?
(prep, goth, emo, gangsta, skater, other(if other, name)
i dont consider myself under only one group... but i am similar to goths in some ways to punks in others and a lot of people refer to me as "emo"

-why do you choose to be a part of this culture?
well, my mom was goth and my dad was i guess its mostly just following them...and emo isnt something i choose to be in..however i have (at least a little) more respect for them than the average person

-what are some positive things that you have received from being a part of this culture?
i love that wut i wear makes me an individual..thats fun
but honestly...i guess because of it i look at things in a differant way than a lot of people
i love the protest and am involved in as much as i can be to change things for the better
-what are some negative things that you have received from being a part of this culture?
a lot of the time my views are more toward the depressive side
a really bad reputation (but this could be viewed either way...basically "I dont give a damn about my bad reputation" as The Blackhearts put it)
very few friends cause im so "differant" and people dont really understand my views
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