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Originally Posted by Yazdegard View Post
If there's no way to prove a concept or give a logical explanation for its existence then why bother arguing for it? It's almost like you're saying, you cannot prove God exists, hence he exists. And about your last point, he doesn't have to be 'measured', all you have to do is

1. Explain what he is and provide evidence.
2. Explain how he got here and provide evidence.

That's metaphysics and epistemology, so far ,so good.
How can I, you or anyone give you that? If we're talking about something which one can define and has a definite shape then I would be able to give you evidence.

But since God is a higher being and he doesn't have substance, then how does one go about that? In order to give evidence of something, you need an instrument, you need to conduct an experiment. At least in science.

Now I want someone to come up with an experiment or an instrument that could prove the existence of something abstract, higher than us, indefinite, omnipotent etc, etc.

And have you ever heard of Aristotle's view on God? There's your metaphysics if you want.

Originally Posted by Yazdegard View Post
3. Explain why monotheistic religions are incorrect, alongside you might want to explain why the Abrahamic religions are not in congruence with each other and which one is essentially correct.
They may not be in congruence with each other but they all have something in common: they believe in HIGHER BEING/BEINGS. They vary when it comes to the properties they give to God, but not when it comes to the existence of God.

It doesn't mean that because different religions have different perspectives on God, then that means HE doesn't exist. Human beings have different opinions. You cannot dismiss something just because people disagree on it.

Originally Posted by Yazdegard View Post
Edit: This is also assuming that unicorns and fairies aren't higher than us, which for all we know probably are.
If unicorns were higher than us then they would be either spirits or God. And fairies and unicorns are not indefinite like 'the man in the sky'.

Originally Posted by Yazdegard View Post
A witty saying won't even prove my asshole to my motherfucking elbow.

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