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Originally Posted by Whiny View Post
It all boils down to one thing, ok?

Atheists don't believe in God because he can't be proved. Then they might say if you believe in God, why don't you believe in Santa and in unicorns?

Well, no mate. There's a little difference. You see, if unicorns did exist we would be able to prove them. Because they have substance, they are not higher than us and they are not abstract.
So if we don't have proof of them, we dismiss their existence.

God is a little bit different. He's abstract and higher than us. How can the instruments of a human being measure something higher than them? He's not a fuckin earthquake or a fuckin animal. He's above us for Christ's sake. The guy is supposed to be everywhere and HE's also omni-fuckin-potent.

So how, I ask again, HOW can you have proof of a being like that? Tell me how and if one can measure GOD??
If we would be able to measure God, then we would also be able to control Him, and then he would lose His purpose and meaning because he would be on the same level as us which HE's not and he can never be.

Note: (And you can neg rep my ass cause now, I'm fuckin mad and I don't care what happens)

Edit: Not mad at atheists, just mad man.
If there's no way to prove a concept or give a logical explanation for its existence then why bother arguing for it? It's almost like you're saying, you cannot prove God exists, hence he exists. And about your last point, he doesn't have to be 'measured', all you have to do is

1. Explain what he is and provide evidence.
2. Explain how he got here and provide evidence.

That's metaphysics and epistemology, so far so good.

3. Explain why monotheistic religions are incorrect, alongside you might want to explain why the Abrahamic religions are not in congruence with each other and which one is essentially correct.

Edit: This is also assuming that unicorns and fairies aren't higher than us, which for all we know probably are.

Originally Posted by Sapphire_Flames View Post
"Rational arguments don't usually work on religious people. Otherwise, there wouldn't be religious people." - House
A witty saying won't even prove my asshole to my motherfucking elbow.

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