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Default Re: People who are different for the sake of being different

theres nothing wrong with conforming. youre conforming to the gothic crowd, arent you? if you didnt care what people think about how you dress, why dont you just wear pajama's all the time? i'd assume they'd be much more comfy than chains and what not. and if you really didnt want to conform, youd dress differently from everybody else, including the goth crowd. but you must care about what people think about you if you would go throught the trouble of maintaining a mowhawk. i dont find it boring to conform because theres a lot of styles out there to chose from that i can express myself through without letting myself be judged by. no one can assume anything about me by how i dress except that i kinda care about how i dress, yet down to earth person who doesnt want to draw much attention to herself. and you judge people based on how they dress, don't you?
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