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Originally Posted by embers View Post
Hey, dickslapping people with militant atheism isn't all a good thing, you know.
I'm hardly militant, mate. I'm not threatening you, I'm not calling you names or personally insulting you, hell, I'm hardly even making any kind of sustainable argument. All I'm doing is complaining on a message board about something I can't complain about most anywhere else.

I don't believe, yeah, I think everybody gets that. This quoting thing got weird, and I'm not entirely sure we see each other's points, yeah, that's fairly self evident. But, you can and will be told that your beliefs are invalid, especially on a largely non-believing subforum such as this, and until you can bring some solid empirical or logical evidence to the table, people can and will continue disbelieving. Of that, there is no doubt.

EDIT: Shit. I thought this was the other guy. My bad!

SECOND EDIT: I mean no I'll intention towards anyone unless stated otherwise.

THIRD EDIT: I'm kind of a dick.

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