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Default Re: Looking at urinals, cock size and masturbating

Its fine to be curious, its something that i think most guys go through. It doesnt mean ur gay!

To be honest, most people will lie about their penis size so dont belive verything ur friends tell u. Also in relation to the urinals you said that "every1 has theirs hidden" to me that would suggest they are insecure about thier penis

You penis is perfect the way it is, alough you are a late bloomer and could still have some growing left!

Im gonna be honest and admit that i would masterbate to computer (gay) porn and i dont think ther is anything wrong with that. I havnt masterbated or compared with another guy, but would be curious

You could try the over used tactic of truth or dare. You could also watch porn with a friend and then see what they think about masterbating now
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