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Originally Posted by mtime View Post
I dont know if this has been asked yet, but I was wondering is it possible to masturbate too much? Like I know theres a certain amount of sperm that you have, but I want to have kids when I grow up, so is it possible for me to masturbate too much right now and not have sperm left to have kids when im older?I dont want that to happen, and lately I have been wondering if its possibe.

Hey, welcome to the forums!
  • First off, your body produces sperm every day, so you'll never run out (kinda like spit)
  • Second, you can't masturbate too much. Sure, you can run real low on sperm for a day. If you masturbate a lot during the day, some but VERY LITTLE blood might come out. If this happens, stop masturbating for the day.

Happy jacking
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