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Default Re: People who are different for the sake of being different

Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
the rest of the world sees that they all wear a lot of black, they all make their hair look unnatural, and they all seem to shop at hot topic.
That's more what the older generation see's. My grandparents make comments like that. My parents are more like "know that freak?" "yep" "niice"
Depending on how abstract one chooses to look, determines the bizarro factor.
Sure, I may wear baggy clothes, messed up chains and a mohawk, but I don't have 20 facial piercings, large gauged ears and tattoo's. I can fit in just perfect with the business world when I have to.

One example of difference of views, I don't understand Gangsters, I don't see why they idolize failure personally.

Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
death isn't beautiful. death is nothing. life is beautiful. theres no happiness without sadness and no sadness without happiness. theres an unlimited amount of things you can do, learn, and feel with your life. death is nothing. death isn't beautiful. no one can truly mean it when they say that death is beautiful and if they mean it then i dont see why they havent killed themselves already. and black is a depressing color.
Few faults in your belief claim here. In my opinion, death is just as beautiful as life. I don't YEARN for death, I like being alive thank you I'm just fascinated with death and what happens when we finally die. Many people are, just some tend to embrace this fascination as a culture to share their views and opinions. I wear all black, I'm far from depressing looking

Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
i think the emo crowd is tied with the goth and punk crowd as the most bizarre crowds. they put effort into looking the most unnatural.
Differences in cultures by a LOONGGG shot. Yes, they all look bizarre to an extent, but so do Gangsters and Skaters.
Besides, different looks have different values. A quick summary
Goth: Embraces death as an eventuality, studies the concept, usually intellectually inclined.
Punk: Recognizes the government isn't perfect and usually wants a change in society. 50/50 on intelligence or retarded trend follower
Emo: Depression.

If I see a punk, I see a belief system.

Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
i wear eyeliner, rocker belts, hot topic jewlery, and skater shoes everyday and i play guitar.
Funny, you just described three things that make you emo around here. Yet you don't understand why people would like to look that way? You just stated why YOU look that way. You seem to have answered your own question :/
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