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Default Re: What do i do? Please Help Me!

Thankyou, I will try.
Hopefully it will go like you said.
I mean people say that teenagers dont know love. I disagree strongly.
I feel so strongly about her, that i am paranoid for her in a sense. If i ever
hear there has been an accident, or something bad has happened, i will straight away begin to worry, and feel physicaly sick, until i know she is definatly ok.

Edit: And one more question, What exactly do i say? Ive never actualy asked anyone out, or told them face to face how i feel, and i know that
getting a friend to do it, or msn/text is out od the question. How do i tell her? Espeicially when she already has a boyfriend, even if he is an inconsiderate
piece of crap.
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