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Originally Posted by mynameisjane View Post
well do you like girls? do naked women make you horny?
Sexiijimmie, answer her question! ^^
Originally Posted by Sexiijimmie View Post
Oh, ok, but If I am gay, will I know it right away, or will I wake up one day in another man's bed?
Well you might experiment with a guy and like it more and get used to it. So you may possibly be gay...but if you like girls, then how can you be gay!?

Guys, and to everyone else who reads this post: how can you be gay if you like girls!? You guys gotta think about that '

Sexiijimmie, your post is one of the few posts that asks a good solid question about being gay!
Some guys look at gay porn. Some STRAIGHT guys like to jack of with a buddy regularly! It's just a natural thing. You're so young now, so you'll probably not know whether or gay or not for awhile.
And if you don't enjoy the gay porn, then how can you be gay if you don't like it??

If gay porn makes you sick, why are you looking at it and why are you asking us whether you're gay or not if you don't even like it? (just because you get a boner from it doesn't mean you like it...)
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