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Originally Posted by ImHappy View Post
but i like it, should i rub it or put on vasiline or olive oil to make my penis feel good. And are there any shops in the world where you can go and tell sexy girls to masturbate for you? Im tired of touching my penis popping it all day long.

And when i get to many errections my penis turns red. It isnt cut.
And my friend (girl) said that only jew cut it and you should leave it on. And she looked at it and said its bigger when its uncut, is that true?

And shes so scared to touch my penis, she once rubbed it and felt bad. Shes very cute and hot, and i've touched her vagina and breasts too but she doesn't really like it.
Okie, I'm going to answer your questions in order:
Vasiline and olive oil are good choices for lube. It should feel good.

No, there aren't any places you can tell girls to masturbate for you. We're all teens and we have to put up with it.

If you have penis pain, go to the doctor!

Uncut penises aren't any bigger than cut penises

Well, talk to her and tell her how to rub it! You two'll only learn from each other if you communicate!
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