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Originally Posted by Dolphus Raymond View Post
First off, I don't think it's all that likely you'll reach 30cm (>11 inches). There's at best a minor outside chance. Most people see nearly all of their growth at once and just slightly more afterwards, but if you're already at 23cm (just over 9 inches), it seems improbable that you'll see another two entire inches.

You have a valid concern. I'm not going to sugarcoat it; there may some girls who are not rightly able to handle full-on vaginal sex with you. Anal sex will probably never be a realistic option, no matter what porn tells you. You'll have to learn how to do everything that lesser-endowed guys do and more. Make sure to exercise foreplay and proably use a lubricant. You also may have to teach yourself to make shallow strokes. It's very easy to hit the cervix with a penis of that size.

But, honestly, it's not going to be all that different, luckily. Even though nine inches is quite big, it's still only like 3 1/2 more inches more than the average penis. In other words, this is not at all an unaddressable problem. And, really, what you have to do is not so different than any other guy above a certain size.

Don't worry so much, and be sure to communicate with your girlfriend. Good luck, and I hope that is of assistance.
This is very insightful I couldn't say it any other way, perfect!
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You're complaining of having a big penis? lol, the rest of us should be so lucky.
A lot of people worry about how big it is.
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