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Default Re: Odd Question Maybe

You know it's funny but I've been thinking about the same thing. I'm the "dumb nerd" at my school (really smart, but also the class clown) and for some reason girls find this endearing and "soo cute". Anyways girls at my highschool often try to grab my ass (most succeed but they go after all the other "guys of interest" as well). Also, ALOT of girls have been employing this new tactic of "accidentally" bumping into me to try and get a split-second feel of my package (one girls succeeded just yesterday. Needless to say she was pretty cute and I had the beginnings of an erection when this happened. This worked great for me, cuz then she thought my flaccid penis was alot larger than it is. So...she blushed and ran away to tell her friends). any of you girls try to do this (or variations of this) around guys?
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